“Hand-crafted to perfection!” That is what defines our food. Made with utmost care and skill, our chefs guarantee to wet your taste buds with each bite you have in our restaurant. Inspired by the Turkish way of healthiest food without compromising on taste, our ingredients for the food are imported from places around the world that has its quality in prime. With health being our emphasis, hygiene is ensured from the very first stage of preparation of food. The raw materials are procured locally as much as possible and is stocked in a super hygienic manner. Likewise, each and every stage of our preparation involve careful handling of food to ensure health. Another example of that would be that BBQ square kitchen don’t prepare the food by burning char coal as it has proven to have long term health problems. There’s hardly any oil involved in the preparation process and the taste of food is still ensured. We make sure our kitchen is made visible to any customer as is his right to understand what and how he eats are prepared. So, what are you waiting for? Come over and Bon Appetit!

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